Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

  • Gum Disease: 5 Risk Factors You Should Know About

    One major aspect of good oral health is gum care. Unhealthy gums can lead to gum disease and loss of teeth and can have a negative effect on your overall health. The following are some risk factors of gum disease: Hormonal Issues Gum disease is often caused by shifts in your hormones. This will affect females more often as they reach adolescence or during pregnancy. The hormones have a major effect on the blood flow to the gums and the surrounding tissues.

  • Can Cryotherapy Treatment Help You Manage Chronic Joint Pain?

    If you have residual joint, back, or neck pain from playing competitive sports during your younger years, you may assume that your only pain relief options are to take over-the-counter medications or to simply learn to live with the discomfort until you're a good candidate for joint replacement or spinal fusion surgery. However, some individuals who are recuperating from joint surgery or dealing with chronic pain have indicated that a fairly new treatment, cryotherapy, has provided them with some relief.

  • Some Things To Know About Having Rhinoplasty

    If you're thinking about having rhinoplasty to enhance your appearance or improve your breathing, it helps to be informed about what to expect before and after the procedure so you can be prepared. Rhinoplasty is major surgery that requires a few weeks recovery time, and being prepared for your recovery can also help you avoid unnecessary complications. Here are some things you should know about having this type of surgery.

  • Keeping Seniors Happy At Home

    With the number of senior citizens in the United States rising, more and more people are turning their attention to the needs of this unique population. Many senior citizens prefer to stay in their own homes as they age, and an increase in the number of home healthcare agencies designed to help provide medical support within the home is making this goal a reality. Keeping senior citizens happy is an essential part of the healthcare equation.

  • How To Transform A BTE (Behind-The-Ear) Hearing Aid Into A Fun Accessory For A Hearing-Impaired Child Or Young Teen

    Every day, hearing-impaired children and young teens are given the gift of sound by wearing a hearing aid. Many children and teens with mild to profound hearing loss wear a BTE (Behind-the-Ear) hearing aid. This type of hearing aid consists of a small plastic microphone case that rests behind and on top of the ear and is connected by a clear tube to a custom-made, earmold that rests on the outside of the ear.

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    Health Issues Common In Women

    My name is Shawna Banks and this is a blog that focuses on health issues that affect women. I became interested in women's health when my sister began having medical problems. After her condition worsened, she went to see a doctor. After her diagnosis and successful treatment, I helped her research the different kinds of health conditions that are common in women. By becoming knowledgeable about these types of problems, we can keep ourselves healthier. I hope that when you read this blog, it will help you to identify symptoms that shouldn't be ignored. If necessary, you can schedule an appointment with your physician as soon as possible.