Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

  • Winter Is Coming: It's Time To Treat Those Varicose Veins

    When you are suffering from varicose veins, you may find it difficult to balance wanting to rid yourself of your painful and unsightly varicose veins and worrying about how the recovery process from your treatments may affect your daily life. After all, most of the treatments for varicose veins will require you to keep your legs covered and in compression socks after the fact. As such, now that the winter season is on its way, you can start thinking seriously about your varicose vein treatment options and scheduling your appointment.

  • Four Solid Reasons To Invest In Portable Ultrasound Machines

    Are you a decision maker in a medical office or facility? If so, offering patients the most comprehensive level of care within your specialty should be at the forefront of your goals. The ability to get more done in-house can help with productivity, and it can also contribute to overall patient satisfaction. If you do not have an ultrasound machine or if your current machine is stationary or outdated, it may be a good time to consider investing in a portable ultrasound machine.

  • Cooks, But Won't Eat: Signs Your Child Has Anorexia Nervosa

    Many parents associate a love of cooking with a love and appreciation of food. For some children with anorexia nervosa, a love of cooking may have nothing to do with a desire to prepare and consume a tasty meal. Understanding why some children with anorexia insist on preparing their own meals is an important part of identifying your child's condition and getting your child the help he or she needs.

  • Oh Bite Me! Early Orthodontic Intervention

    Orthodontic treatment is necessary for some children and early intervention can prevent your child's teeth from needing extensive repairs and restoration later on in life. When you think of the word orthodontics, what comes to mind? If you are thinking braces, then you are on the right track.  The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children should visit an orthodontist by the time they are age seven. At this age, the first two front permanent teeth are typically grown in and an orthodontist can evaluate whether or not the child will need braces.

  • 4 Tips to Help Your Child Adapt to Their New Prosthesis

    Whether your child requires a prosthetic limb due to a congenital abnormality or due to a traumatic injury or illness, there will be challenges that will need to be overcome. Some of those challenges may involve battles over when to wear the prosthesis. Here are some tips that will help you encourage your child to wear their prosthesis. Use a Reward System When you were trying to potty train your child, you may have employed a reward system.

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    Health Issues Common In Women

    My name is Shawna Banks and this is a blog that focuses on health issues that affect women. I became interested in women's health when my sister began having medical problems. After her condition worsened, she went to see a doctor. After her diagnosis and successful treatment, I helped her research the different kinds of health conditions that are common in women. By becoming knowledgeable about these types of problems, we can keep ourselves healthier. I hope that when you read this blog, it will help you to identify symptoms that shouldn't be ignored. If necessary, you can schedule an appointment with your physician as soon as possible.