Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

  • Three Common Problems That Custom Orthotics Can Solve

    Custom orthotics are man-made devices that are solely developed for an individual's foot. Rather than buying an orthotic off-the-shelf, podiatrists often recommend custom orthotics for treating some common feet problems. Custom orthotics ensure that the fit is specifically designed to treat existing conditions and prevent future injuries according to the person's unique situation and physical condition. Here are three common problems that custom orthotics can solve. 1. Imbalance Many people suffer from imbalance due to structural problems in the foot.

  • 3 Signs That Your Senior Loved One Needs To Move Into Memory Care

    Coming to terms with the idea that your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's can be tough. However, you have to come to terms with it so that you can seek the care that your loved one needs, such as memory care. Memory care is a specific type of at-home care that is targeted specifically to individuals who have memory problems. These are a few signs that it's time to start looking into memory care for your senior-aged loved one.

  • A Couple of Your Question about Lasik Answered

    For people with vision problems, it may seem like glasses or contact lenses are the most effective option for treating these problems, but this may not actually be the case. Fortunately, the development of Lasik has made it possible for your eye doctor to permanently correct your eyesight without the need for you to wear uncomfortable and expensive contacts or glasses. However, Lasik eye surgery is still relatively new, and as a result, you may benefit from having the following couple of questions about this procedure answered.

  • More Choices For Casting Materials When You Break A Bone

    The traditional plaster cast has been used since the early 1800s to hold broken bones in place while they heal. Little has changed in this particular material since then but a variety of other types of casting materials have evolved. If your doctor offers you a choice of one of these different products, here is what you can expect from each. Plaster of Paris Casts The first plaster casts required the patient to sit with their arm or leg in a box.

  • Are You Worried About Gallstones?

    Pregnant women and women who are obese are at higher risk for getting gallstones. These stones can be very painful and even lead to necessary surgery. If you're concerned about the possibility of getting gallstones, this article can give you some basic information on why they happen and how you can prevent them.  What Are Gallstones? Your gallbladder is a small organ that sits in the right upper part of your stomach, right under your ribs.

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Health Issues Common In Women

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