Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

3 Common Reasons To Consider A Breast Reduction

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Having a breast reduction is not always an easy decision. If you are considering a breast reduction, there are some common reasons that might help you make the decision to go forward with the procedure.

Pain And Discomfort

The most common reason women consider a breast reduction is pain. Neck and back pain are often a problem when you have larger breasts since the extra weight can pull you forward. Sleeping can be difficult if you have large breasts because you may need to remain elevated as you sleep, otherwise your breathing might become compromised. Women who engage in physical activity or may want to exercise will often find it is difficult or impossible to exercise because movement will cause significant pain and pulling. Even modest reductions in your breast size can cause drastic improvements in any pain or discomfort you feel that can be attributed to your breasts.

Skin Irritation

Another common problem with having larger breasts can be skin irritation and rashes that occur under the breasts. If the problem only happens occasionally, it may be easy to treat at home by using antifungal ointments, keeping the area dry, and finding more supportive and moisture-absorbing bras. Unfortunately, some women experience frequent skin irritation because it may be impossible to keep the breasts elevated enough to prevent friction and moisture. Over time, retail or prescription ointments may become ineffective, especially as yeast becomes resistant to treatments. If you experience frequent irritation, it is important to document this by taking pictures and notifying your doctor. Some women are able to have insurance cover a breast reduction with adequate documentation of problems.


Having a breast reduction does not need to be medically necessary, it is okay if you have purely cosmetic reasons for the procedure. It is common for women with larger breasts to feel uncomfortable because of inappropriate stares or comments, and they simply want a figure that does not stand out as much. When you have larger breasts, it is often difficult to find shirts that will fit your chest without adding unnecessary bulk to your waist. Bra shopping is frequently a challenge for women with a larger bra size, whether they have a large cup in relation to their band size or are plus-size. Bras available in these sizes may only be available from select retailers online and are often expensive and look matronly.

If you have larger breasts and experience ongoing problems or frustrations, having a breast reduction might be the right decision. Many women who had a breast reduction only wish they did it sooner. Contact a cosmetic surgeon for more information. 


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