Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

An Eyelash Mite Infestation Treatment Plan

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Eyelash mites feed on dead skin cells and oily sebum that are on the face and eye area. These microscopic arachnids tend to cling on lashes and can trigger redness, crusty formations, and other irritations along the upper and lower lashes. A doctor will need to examine the eyes, to determine if a mite infestation is present on the lashes. 

The Examination

Because eyelash mites are not visible to the naked eye, a doctor will use a tiny microscope to detect these minuscule creatures. If a small number of mites are present, a doctor may recommend that a patient uses an eyelid/eyelash cleansing wipe to remove bacteria from the lashes and lids. A more serious grouping of mites, however, may require a more targeted treatment plan.

Blurred or decreased vision, the loss of lashes, red eyes, swollen lids, and eye infections can be triggered by a mite infestation. A doctor may prescribe an antibiotic and a topical cleanser. The prescribed products should be used daily until the eyelids, lashes, and eyes no longer display any adverse effects.

The Use Of Oral And Topical Products

It is fairly common for people to have mites living on the facial area, and in many cases, the mites will not cause any problems that will trigger someone to seek medical care. In spite of this, it is important for a diagnosed mite infestation to be treated promptly and for healthy hygiene habits to be instilled. The use of oral and topical eye care products will be outlined via a doctor's prescribed treatment regimen.

Oral medications may need to be taken once each day. A topical product may consist of a  liquidated eye rinse, a cream, or a gel. A severe mite infestation will likely require a prescription-strength topical product. A less severe eye mite infestation will likely only require that an individual purchases an over-the-counter eyecare cleanser. A disinfectant should be used to clean hands, prior to using a swab or a cleansing cloth to apply a topical product to the eye area.

Because crusted eyes are a common problem that a mite infestation may trigger, an individual may need to soak the eye area for several minutes, prior to removing the crusted materials from the lashes. Removing makeup each night and using an antibacterial eyelash cleanser on a daily basis are two ways that an individual can ward off future eye mite infestations.


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