Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

4 Things to Know Before Spine Surgery

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A spine deformity, such as scoliosis, can impact every moment of your life. Surgical treatments for the condition can help you regain life without pain or discomfort. There are some things to know when you are considering a spine procedure.

1. Prepare Physically

It pays to prepare physically for the surgery, as it will make recovery easier. Your surgeon and doctor may prescribe or recommend an exercise plan, or they may advise you to remain as active as possible in the weeks leading up to the procedure. You may also be required to stop certain habits, most notably any type of tobacco use. This is because prompt healing is necessary following spine surgery, and tobacco use can suppress the immune system and slow healing.

2. Set Up a Blood Bank

The risk for blood loss is present for any type of surgical procedure, but it is more pronounced when addressing a spine deformity. Your surgeon will recommend that you donate your own units of blood so that there are no issues with finding a match in the event a transfusion is necessary. A family member with the same blood profile may be permitted to donate in your stead. Your surgeon can provide guidance on how much blood should be banked prior to the procedure.

3. Plan for Extensive Tests

Your surgeon will schedule many tests prior to your surgery, so make sure you have a plan in place for transportation and time off from other responsibilities. For example, most spine deformity surgeries will require x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans. Your surgeon may also want a baseline on other body systems, which means they may order electrocardiograms, blood work, and kidney tests. These tests are both the aid in the surgery as well as to ensure there are no unknown health conditions that could affect the outcome of the procedure.

4. Schedule Your Recovery

Spine surgery is not something that you can recover from in a few days. Most patients will require a few weeks of resting recovery and then several weeks to a few months of physical therapy. The type of surgery, your age, and your general health can all affect recovery. Most patients will need to request leave from work or school for the surgical and recovery period. Your medical team can provide guidance on what to expect, and your work's HR department can help you schedule the recovery time you need.

Talk with a surgeon or medical provider, such as The Anand Spine Group, if you have further questions about your spine deformity surgery.


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