Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

3 Things Your Doctor Might Ask You To Do In The Days Before Your Colonoscopy

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Having regular colonoscopies done is imperative, as you can keep an eye on your health. If you have a colonoscopy coming up, make sure that you pay attention to the instructions that you are given by your doctor. Your doctor might advise that you take certain steps, in the days before you have your colonoscopy done, and following these tips will help you make sure that the results are accurate and that the colonoscopy goes smoothly.

1. Adjusting Your Medications

Did you know that some medications can actually impact the results of your colonoscopy? If you take blood thinning medications, for example, your doctor might suggest that you stop taking them, a few days before your test. Some other medications, such as diabetes or heart medications, can also impact your test. Naturally, if you are nervous about how you will be affected by not taking some of your essential medications, for a few days, you should ask your doctor about any concerns that you have.

2. Abstaining from Certain Foods

The idea of having to avoid some of your favorite foods and drinks before your colonoscopy might not sound very pleasant, but it's essential, if you want the test to come out right. For example, if you love drinking tomato juice or other red beverages, you should be aware that the coloration could impact your test results, due to looking like blood. Even if it does not seem like a big deal to eat or drink your favorite foods or beverages, make sure that you follow the instructions from your doctor, before your test. He or she might ask you to simply stick to a diet of clear liquids for several hours, for your test.

3. Taking a Laxative

Although this is not always the case, doctors will often ask their patients to take a laxative at some point before their colonoscopy. Without a clean colon, it can be challenging for your doctor to perform a thorough and accurate test. Make sure that you follow the instructions of the type of laxative to take and when to take the laxative; your doctor might suggest that you take it the night before or the morning of your test, for example. If you have your concerns about taking a laxative, such as if you have had problems with becoming dehydrated after taking them in the past, make sure that you bring up these concerns to your doctor.

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