Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Why A Risk Of Suicide Can Be Higher For Someone Who Has Served Prison Time

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When you have a loved one who has been sentenced to a prison term, you'll likely make an effort to be there for him or her during the sentence and once the person comes home. The weeks and months following the person's release may be joyous to you, but it's important to realize that this period can be challenging for the person. If you see signs that your loved one is depressed, you need to be aware that he or she may be thinking about suicide. In such a scenario, arranging mental health counseling can be pivotal to saving the person's life. Here are some reasons that the risk of suicide can be higher for someone who has been released from prison.

Struggles With Prison Trauma

Going to prison can be traumatic for a lot of people, and it's highly possible that your loved one has endured extremely difficult situations while behind bars. Assault, rape, neglect, and other issues are unfortunately common in the penal system, and even one incident can leave an inmate with deep psychological wounds that remain even after he or she rejoins the "real" world. If your loved one hasn't been able to healthily process such an experience, suicide may be a risk.

Difficulties With Employment

One of the biggest struggles that people face after getting out of prison is rejoining the workforce. For many people, it's difficult to get a job, and this can often lead to a return to breaking the law, thus resulting in another prison term. If your loved one hasn't been able to find steady work after his or her release, this can be deeply troubling. It is especially true of someone who wants to contribute to society by having a job again. It's possible that they may think of suicide if the ability to get a job appears hopeless.

Challenges With Daily Living

Getting a job isn't the only challenge that people can face after they leave custody. For many people, the simple elements of everyday living can be a challenge. This is especially true of someone who has been in custody for a long time. The idea of having full, open days to do whatever you'd like can be daunting for someone who is accustomed to having virtually every minute dictated in prison. Fortunately, the person can feel much more confident and optimistic about life upon meeting with a mental health professional.

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