Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Four Sustainable Options For Decorating A Love One's Grave

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Decorating a loved one's grave can be a touching way to honor the memory of the person you've lost. Some options are not great for the environment, such as balloons. Finding sustainable options can help honor your loved one's' memory without causing additional harm to the environment, and some of these ideas can even help promote a healthier world. Here are some eco-friendly options you may want to consider.

Bird Feeder

A decorative bird feeder hung on a garden hook can be a beautiful and sustainable way to decorate near your loved one's headstone. The feeder attracts birds, bringing natural beauty to the cemetery, and it also helps the birds find food resources throughout the year. Additionally, having to refill the feeder gives you a reason to visit more often, so you can feel as though you have a date to visit the grave site each week.

Potted Flowers

Cut flowers don't tend to last long, and the process of harvesting and delivering them to stores can use precious energy resources, such as gas to power the delivery vehicles. Potted flowers, on the other hand, serve as a natural resource for pollinating insects while also bringing beauty to the grave site. Choose flowers that don't require daily watering, but be sure to keep an eye on the weather. If you are experiencing a dry spell in your area, visit the cemetery to make sure the plants stay hydrated and healthy.

Painted Rocks

If you want to add a decoration that lasts without having a negative impact on the environment, consider painting rocks. These rocks can be placed directly on the headstone as a lasting reminder of each visit. Be careful to choose rocks that won't blow away easily, as they can get stuck in the cemetery's landscaping equipment. Choose biodegradable, nontoxic paint for this project. Painting rocks is a great option if you have young children who want to make a contribution to decorating your loved one's grave site.

Plantable Paper

Some people prefer to leave letters or cards at grave sites. These pieces of paper can blow away easily and quickly turn into litter. However, you can use plantable seed paper to create a message to your loved one without creating litter. This biodegradable paper features seeds embedded in the fibers. Once planted, the paper yields a beautiful flowering plant. You can write your message and plant the paper in front of the headstone, or you can leave it on top of the grave so it can be carried away and create a plant wherever it lands.

Be sure to talk to your cemetery's groundskeeper before using any of these ideas, as the facility may have some rules regarding what you can place at a grave site. Once you know the rules, choose one of these beautiful options to honor your loved one. Contact a monument company, like Maurice Moore Memorials, for more help.


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