Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Need A Mental Health Day? Maybe Three? Wellness Retreats That Help

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It is a fact—Americans DO NOT take enough time off of work. They are worn out, burnt out and stressed out, and they suffer from dozens of stress-related health problems. If this sounds like you, you definitely need a mental health day, or two, or even three or four. Once you are taking time off, you will realize how badly need to step away. Wellness retreats can take things a few steps further. Here are a few options.

Ski Lodges in the Mountains

Even if you do not ski, you can take advantage of everything else this type of wellness retreat offers. Warm, relaxing fireplaces, hot cocoa, excellent comfort food meals, saunas and hot tubs, and lots of peace and quiet while watching the snow fall outside are all free. For a price, you can get various types of massages, too. 

Open-Air Spas

Open air spas are a new kind of wellness retreat. Most the spa walls do not exist, allowing the free, warm, healthy air from outside to completely flow through the structures of the spa. Bubblebaths and seaweed wraps while watching and listening to the actual ocean is all part of the open-air plan. Some people find it quite freeing.

Nudist Cruises

Whether you are a first-time nudist or a long-time member, you can enjoy a cruise dedicated solely to the unencumbered human form. Bring clothes if you like, but most people aboard will not be wearing much. Think of it as a symbolic way of dropping all your work baggage on the departure shores and letting yourself go to enjoy everything on the ship and where the ship takes you. By shedding your inhibitions here, you may find that you come back to work emotionally stronger and courageous enough to ask your boss for that raise. 

New Age Healing Camps

If you are not totally up for the nudist cruise, that is okay. You can attend a new age healing camp instead. These wellness retreats might host a few activities where clothing is optional, but you can wear as much or as little clothing as you like. You can also try some of the more trendy New Age activities, like goat or cat yoga, which involve furry friends as a means of making yourself stronger physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Get really in touch with who you are by contemplating your current life and where you would rather be.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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