Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Learn What To Expect When You Go To See A Back Specialist

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Many people battle back pain on a daily basis. They take pain relievers and take it easy for a few days to try to let the back pain subside only to have it return a few days later. If you are battling back pain on a regular basis, there may be something more serious wrong than merely a pulled muscle. It is best to see a back specialist to determine if something serious is wrong with your back that needs to be treated. The following guide walks you through what you can expect when you go to see the back specialist.

The Specialist Will Need to Know a Lot of Information

When you go to the back specialist, he or she will ask you a series of questions. These questions help the doctor to know if you have a history of pain or if a trauma occurred that caused you to suddenly start to feel the pain that you are feeling. If the pain started suddenly, the specialist needs to know what you did in the days leading up to the pain starting to determine what may have caused it.

The Specialist May Take X-Rays of Your Back

In order to determine if the disks in your spine are out of place or if you have a fracture somewhere in your back the specialist may order you to have x-rays taken of your back. The x-rays allow the specialist to see detailed images of your spine to see if there are any issues they may need to be addressed. If the vertebrae in your back are out of alignment or damage has been done to one or more of them, the doctor will need to determine if surgery is needed or if the situation can be treated through therapy.

The Specialist Will Determine If Nerve Issues Are Causing the Pain

The specialist will also take the time to determine if you have nerve issues that are causing the pain. There are many people who battle sciatic nerve pain that causes them to feel constant pain in their lower back, through the muscles in their rear end, and down their thigh. There are stretches that the doctor can show you that you can do to treat the pain and release some of the stress on the nerve.

You may need to see the specialist on a regular basis to have the situation treated. It will take time, but you can get relief if you follow the doctor's orders. Visit a site like for more help.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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