Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Allowing Your Teen To Get Elective Surgery

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If you have a teenager, he or she is likely concerned about his or her appearance. This can be frustrating for you because you think that your teen looks great. However, your teen's worries about his or her body can affect him or her deeply, especially if he or she is being bullied at school. He or she might come to you with a request for elective surgery. Your teen might not medically need the surgery, but might want it desperately. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself while considering their request.

1. Is your child done going through puberty?

The first question that you need to evaluate is whether or not your child is done going through puberty. If your child is not done going through puberty, then having elective surgery is going to be an expensive waste of time because there is a good chance that the bodily changes that puberty causes are going to undo or affect the results of the treatment. If your child has finished going through puberty, then his or her request should be taken slightly more reasonably.

2. Could the problem your child has now cause him or her physical medical problems later?

If your child is being bullied for a physical problem that doesn't cause him or her physical pain now, but could in the future, then you should absolutely take your teen's request seriously. One example of such a situation is a teen who has extremely asymmetrical breasts. She might be an A on one side and an F on the other. This could result in crippling back problems later on in life. You might as well take care of the problem now by having him or her get a breast reduction in the side that has the F. If the problem is merely cosmetic and is not going to cause problems later on, you might take this request less seriously.

3. Is the problem affecting your child mentally?

If the problem is affecting your child mentally, you should take his or her needs seriously, but possibly consider therapy before going to surgery. Therapy could help you teen accept his or her body the way that it is, rather than get him or her into the habit of trying to perfect his or her body, which could lead to problems later in life.

For more information, talk to a a place that offers pediatric plastic surgery, such as Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati.


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