Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Rick Simpson Oil Vs. CBD Oil: Which To Use For Autism?

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It is a well-known fact that cannabis oil (or CBD oil) has many helpful medical uses. One of those uses is the treatment of autism. Some autism behaviors, such as impulsivity, aggression, and physical or verbal tics become more manageable with the use of CBD oil. If you are looking to buy Rick Simpson oil thinking that it is the exact same thing as CBD oil, it is not quite the same. In fact, it may be met with more controversy to use the Rick Simpson oil to treat your child's autism. Here is more on the use of cannabis oil and Rick Simpson oil and on the treatment of autism with these products.

Cannabis/CBD Oil for Autism

This oil often arrives in pre-filled syringes so that parents can administer it to their child and not worry about overdosing him/her. There are almost no hallucinogenic properties in the oil, which makes it less disquieting for parents to administer. It does retain all of the benefits of cannabis (medical marijuana), and its easy dispersal makes it ideal to give to children.

Many children who are currently taking CBD oil are quieter, calmer, and more in control of their bodies due to the medicinal effects of the oil. The controversy then, lies in the fact that this oil is an extract of the marijuana plant, which may be considered "child abuse" in some states, even in states where the use of CBD oil has been legalized.

Rick Simpson Oil for Autism

Hallucinogenic properties are retained at a much higher rate in Rick Simpson oil. For this reason, this product would probably not be as ideal for children on the spectrum. Unless your child also suffers a co-morbid diagnosis that involves intense pain (e.g., lupus or muscular dystrophy), this product may not be the best option for an autistic child. The sensory experiences associated with the hallucinogenic properties may be too much for some children on the spectrum.

There is also the issue with giving a child a hallucinogenic drug, especially when the CBD oil previously mentioned is already considered a "child abuse" situation. However, if your child does suffer from extensive pain and tactile defensiveness as a side effect of another disorder and autism, then the Rick Simpson oil may help you treat the pain so you can get close enough to your child to comfort him/her and care for him/her. Just make sure you go through the proper medical channels to get a prescription in a state where these products are legal and that you have medical waivers to give them to your autistic son or daughter.


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