Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Why Your Pet Rabbit's Aggression May Be A Sign Of A Bigger Medical Issue

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Rabbits have a reputation for shyness and frailty, but they are also armed with teeth, claws, and the instincts needed to use them. A calm and well-adjusted rabbit usually won't see a reason to use its natural weapons, but bites and scratches do occur. If your pet has been lashing out more than usual today, a mean temperament may not be to blame. Instead, your rabbit may be suffering from a medical issue causing its aggressive behavior, and it will be up to you and your veterinarian to identify and correct the problem.

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Like any other animal, rabbits are somewhat beholden to their hormones, and a frustrated rabbit is likely to express those feelings with his or her teeth. If your bunny is growing into adulthood quickly, you should begin making plans to have it spayed or neutered. This will help curb aggressive behaviors and allow your pet to focus on other things, such as playing with you.

Considering Your Approach

Wild rabbits live in a world with few friends and many enemies, so it's no wonder that they can be a little skittish. Furthermore, the typical human approach of petting an animal's head can be seen as a threatening social behavior in rabbit society. Let your rabbit approach you, and don't insist on picking it up or holding it, particularly while it is in its cage. By establishing respectful behavior on both sides, you may be able to stop the problem before it escalates.

Discovering Hidden Pain or Discomfort

A visibly weak rabbit is an automatic target for predators, which is why they are so good at hiding pain. Unfortunately for their owners, this can make noticing a medical issue difficult. Whenever your rabbit begins acting strangely or is particularly aggressive, you should schedule an exam with your veterinarian to search for internal disorders that may be provoking a behavioral response. It may be that your pet is simply in pain and feeling defensive as a consequence.

Checking for Vision and Hearing Problems

Rabbits have impressive peripheral vision and an acute sense of hearing, but domesticated breeds sometimes carry hereditary disorders for both. If your rabbit doesn't notice your approach, it may lash out instinctively to protect itself. While your vet is looking your pet over, it may be beneficial to also check for any deterioration in sight or hearing. By understanding the cause of your rabbit's aggression and working to solve it, you can once again enjoy the company of your fun and affectionate pet, without needing to wear long sleeves and pants for your own safety. 

For more information, contact a veterinarian, like one at Belaire Animal Hospital.


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