Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

3 Reasons To Consider The Gastric Balloon Instead of Surgery

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Weight loss procedures are a popular medical tool to help people lose weight when diet and exercise are not effective. Since some people are not overweight enough to qualify for surgery, or they are on the fence about surgical procedures, a non surgical weight loss option might be the right choice. The gastric balloon is a newer weight loss procedure that is temporary, but may have long-term benefits for the right people.

You Need A Push To Lose Weight

The gastric balloon is ideal for people who simply need a push on their weight loss journey. If you have lost weight in the past, but found it was easy to give up when you hit plateaus or as your weight loss slowed, the gastric balloon may be what you need to maintain motivation. Since you may lose weight quickly and not plateau as easily, you might find that fitting into smaller clothes or watching the pounds drop off is enough reinforcement to keep the weight off longer.

You Are Mentally Not Ready To Commit To Surgery

Most surgical forms of weight loss surgery are permanent. Unfortunately, when there are other underlying issues contributing to your excess weight, even surgery may not be the answer. If you deal with emotional eating or binge eating, you may face several problems with weight loss surgery. Although most forms of weight loss surgery make your stomach smaller, it is possible to find ways around it and stretch your stomach again.

Additionally, if you have problems with binge eating, you may overeat frequently. In the earlier stages of weight loss surgery, not only will you become sick from overeating, but you increase the risk of rupturing your stomach. The gastric balloon is a good way to find out how well you handle eating small portions. Identifying any psychological problems can help you seek the help you need before you choose a permanent option.

You Have Significant Medical Problems

Although weight loss surgery is often recommended for people who are overweight and have certain health conditions, such as diabetes, these medical conditions can make surgery unreasonably risky. You may need to lose a little weight and control underlying health problems before you can safely have surgery. Additionally, if you have musculoskeletal ailments that would improve if you lost weight, a temporary procedure might be enough to help you achieve long-term results. Losing enough weight to reduce pain and become more mobile is what some people need to start exercising regularly.

Choosing a weight loss procedure of any type is a difficult decision because most will change your life permanently. The reversible nature of the gastric balloon gives you another weight loss tool without permanent changes to your gastrointestinal system.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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