Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

4 Tips For A Smooth Recovery From A Torn ACL

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The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the major ligaments that help hold the different bones of the knee together and provide stability. When this ligament is torn, surgery is often required to repair it, especially if the person with the torn ACL is an athlete who hopes to compete in the future. If you are scheduled for surgery to repair your ACL, use the following tips for a smooth recovery.

Take the Time to Rest

For a few weeks after you have a torn ACL repaired, it is highly recommended that you rest your knee as much as possible in order to promote healing. You will likely be given crutches, and you should make sure to always use them in order to avoid putting weight on the surgically repaired knee. Light stretching and simple exercises will be prescribed by your doctor to help prevent your knee from becoming stiff and losing its range of motion.

Wear Your Knee Brace

After the first few weeks of recovery from surgery, you will likely begin to find it possible to slowly get around without crutches, and your incision site should be healing well. At this point, you will probably be fitted with a knee brace to wear for several weeks so you can resume everyday activities, such as walking. Your knee brace will play an important role in your recovery, so make sure that you wear it for as long as recommended by your doctor. The brace will take stress off of your repaired ACL and provide stability for your knee.

Get Ready for Physical Rehabilitation

When it comes to a torn ACL, physically recovering from the injury can take several months. The knee is quite complicated, and when a major ligament like the ACL is compromised, a comprehensive physical rehabilitation program is necessary if you want to regain the strength, flexibility, and mobility that your knee had before it was injured.

Generally, your doctor and an experienced physical therapist will work together to design a rehab program that takes into account the severity of your ACL injury, your fitness level, and your normal level of activity. You will have regular sessions with a physical therapist, but for optimal recovery, you should also make sure to do your assigned exercises at home as well. To avoid setbacks to your rehab, try to avoid missing rehab sessions and losing momentum.

Be Patient

Rehabbing a surgically repaired ACL can be a long process, but it is important to take things slow and listen to your doctor and physical therapist. Trying to do too much physical activity too soon can result in re-injuring the ligament that is still in the process of healing.

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