Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Relieving A Tension Headache With Non-Evasive Methods

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If you regularly suffer from tension headaches, you undoubtedly look for methods in relieving your pain. If you do not wish to take medication to become more comfortable, there are several other methods you can try to relieve the pain you experience. Here are some methods to give a try.

Change The Temperature

When you feel the beginning signs that a tension headache is coming on, adding heat or cool temperatures to the affected area can stop the pain in its tracks. Place a cool or warm compress directly on the area where you are feeling pain. The temperature change will help the circulatory system by letting the blood flow without any restriction. Usually warm compresses will work best, but if the weather is hot, a cool one will be beneficial in altering the flow of the blood under the skin. Placing a compress at the base of the skull can also be soothing and can help reduce pain.

Enjoy A Soothing Massage

When the temples are massaged gently, a tension headache may disappear. Consider having a professional masseuse give you a relaxing massage to relieve pain. They will focus on the neck, shoulders and temples to help keep the blood flowing at a steady rate. This will also relieve aching muscles. The relaxing feeling of a massage will help reduce stress which can contribute to tension headache symptoms.

Have A Chiropractic Session

Seeing a chiropractor can help with a tension headache. Usually people will see a chiropractor to relieve pain in the neck or back. Since a tension headache can be a result of having poor posture or from straining the neck, a chiropractor can help relieve the stress on these areas in an attempt to stop the headaches from occurring. This is done with some mild adjustments to the spine and neck along trigger points the chiropractor finds during an evaluation of your upper body. After the session is over, you may find you have no more headache pain and your back and neck will also feel renewed. 

Try Some Fragrance To Relieve

Lavender and peppermint oils can be used to help with tension headaches. These scents are used by those who practice aromatherapy to relieve headaches in a natural way. Boil a pot of water on top of your stove and add a few drops of essential oil in one of these scents. Place your head over the steam being emitted and breathe in a few times to dull a tension headache effectively. You can also try placing a few drops of one of these oils onto cotton balls. Place them in a mesh bag and place on your bedside table. You will breathe in the scent at night as you slumber, waking up without a headache. For more information, contact a business such as Commonwealth Chiropractic.   


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Health Issues Common In Women

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