Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

A Couple of Your Question about Lasik Answered

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For people with vision problems, it may seem like glasses or contact lenses are the most effective option for treating these problems, but this may not actually be the case. Fortunately, the development of Lasik has made it possible for your eye doctor to permanently correct your eyesight without the need for you to wear uncomfortable and expensive contacts or glasses. However, Lasik eye surgery is still relatively new, and as a result, you may benefit from having the following couple of questions about this procedure answered.

Is Lasik Suitable for Those with Severe Near or Far Sightedness?

There is a common notion that Lasik is suitable for every patient that is suffering from near or far sightedness. Unfortunately, this is not the case because there are strict limits as to what Lasik surgery can do. For example, if a patient is suffering from severe near or far sightedness, this treatment will be unlikely to provide the desired results because these patients' eyes are simply too damaged for this treatment to correct.

However, this does not mean that you are doomed to wear corrective lenses. Patients that are suffering from this problem will likely be able to have lens implants placed in their eyes. 

What Is Recovering from Lasik Eye Surgery Like?

Many patients may be concerned about the recovery time following Lasik surgery, and while you may expect the recovery to be lengthy and painful, this is not the case. Most patients will only experience mild discomfort and light sensitivity for a couple of days following this procedure. This discomfort will not prove too disruptive to patients' lives because they will still be able to do many of their normal tasks as long as they wear special sunglasses. 

To help patients manage their light sensitivity and eye discomfort, your doctor will likely prescribe special eye drops for you. These eye drops are able to numb your eyes, which can significantly reduce your discomfort. However, you should only need these drops for the first couple of days, and if the sensitivity does not improve, you should schedule an appointment to have your eyes evaluated by your doctor.

For patients that are wanting to correct a variety of vision problems, Lasik offers an effective alternative to traditional corrective lenses. However, this is a type of surgery that is highly misunderstood by potential patients. After learning that it may not be suitable for every degree of vision loss and what the recovery will entail, you should be in a stronger position to make your choice about this treatment option.


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