Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

3 Surprising Reasons You Could See Vision Problems In Your Near Future

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There is no doubt that of all of the senses you have, your sense of vision is one that is the most valuable to you. The idea of not being able to see is enough to cause most people to take extra precaution with anything that could harm their eyes. Even though you may value your vision, there are a lot of things you may do on a daily basis that are putting your eyesight in danger. Here are three surprising things that can hinder your eyesight in the future if you do not take precautions now.

1. Not Wearing Sunglasses

When you hit the beach or head out in the sun, you likely slather on sunblock to protect skin, but if you leave the sunglasses at home, you are still leaving a possibility of negative effects. Your eyes are particularly sensitive to UV rays that are emitted from the sun. Studies have shown that exposure to UV radiation in the long term can cause the development of cataracts and may also contribute to macular degeneration. Therefore, your sunglasses should be capable of blocking UV rays and be worn any time you are in direct sunlight.

2. Smoking

You are more likely to hear about how much damage smoking can do to your bodily organs than what it can do to your eyesight. However, it has been scientifically proven that smoking is bad for the health of your eyes. It can increase your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, cause problems with dry eyes, and even worsen issues that are already present with your vision. If you did not already have a reason to kick this bad habit, the safety of your vision is one more you should consider.

3. Excessive Screen Watching

You may have been told that watching too much television is bad for your eyes. This likely makes you think long and hard about how much of an impact staring at a computer screen, telephone, or tablet all day could have. It is not that the screens emit bad things, but consistently staring can cause your eyes to be more dry than usual and prevent you from blinking as often. This condition is so common, it is referred to as computer vision syndrome. This prolonged irritation can cause you to have problems with your vision in the long run.

You may think that you do all you can to protect your vision, but when it comes down to it, there are many simple acts that can be a factor in the health of your eyes. Talk to an eye doctor, like those at Atlantic Eye Consultant PC - Delianides Aris P MD, about ways you can prevent problems with your eyes.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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