Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

Determining Health Risks

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When people apply for health insurance, the companies who provide their services take several different factors into account. These factors also known as risk factors can determine things like the rate a person will pay as well as how much deductibles should be. These statistics are taken into account as a whole for overall risk analysis, and can be the difference between higher and lower premiums as well as levels of coverage.

What are Risk Factors?

Gender can often play a role in determining insurance coverage rates, but age is usually combined to help get a broader picture. For example, a young female may cost insurance companies more since she is of childbearing age. An older male could be more expensive because of things like heart attacks or prostate cancer. Whether or not a person smokes is also sometimes taken into account, since smokers are obviously a higher risk group for a myriad of potential health issues.

In order for experts to obtain a clear picture of risk, a health questionnaire would need to be filled out. This form would ask questions such as the person's height and weight, how much exercise they get, and facts and figures such as blood pressure and cholesterol readings. Previous conditions and medical history may also be asked of the person completing the questionnaire, however this is limited by privacy laws and is usually completely voluntary.

Uses for Risk Data

All of the questions asked of people to determine health related risk are then compiled into a database. This information can help corporations and small businesses determine which health plans will be the most viable not only for them, but also for their employees. It can help insurance companies determine how much coverage people tend to use within certain demographics. This information is also helpful for health care professionals since it gives them an idea of regional, weight, and other factors and how they contribute to people's health.

Assessing health risk is also helpful to the individual. It allows them to get a better picture of their current health status and how they can improve it. Feedback can be given to people who answer these risk related questions as well as helpful suggestions for improving health. A professional risk assessment expert can compile and manage this data in a way that will be beneficial to the insurance company, the provider of the policy, as well as for the policy holder.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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