Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

3 Reasons To Try Therapeutic Massage

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With the high levels of stress associated with modern living, you need every moment of relaxation you can find. One thing you may want to try is therapeutic massage, from a clinic like Oriental Massage, which is a relaxing massage that can provide you with a number of important health benefits. Here are three reasons to give this therapy a try.

Eases Stress -- Between work and family responsibilities, your days can become highly stressful, and if you don't have a way of relieving that stress, it can lead to more serious ailments. Numerous studies have linked unabated stress levels to high-blood pressure, headaches, inability to sleep properly and chronic fatigue. Therapeutic massage can help to alleviate your stress because the gentle kneading and application of forearms and elbows releases chemicals in your brain. According to MORE Magazine, studies have shown that therapeutic massage helps to reduce cortisol, which are stress hormones. This decrease in cortisol also corresponds to an increase in serotonin, a natural pain-reliever that your body produces.

Teaches You How To Relax -- By reducing cortisol production, therapeutic massage doesn't just ease stress, it actually teaches you how to relax. When you're receiving a massage, you will learn how to completely let your body go, so that your muscles aren't tense, you aren't rigid, and you're releasing all the pent-up emotions from your body and mind. And as the massage releases serotonin, your brain begins to send pleasure signals throughout your body, which help to keep you in a state of relaxation. The key to an effective massage is making your body as loose and receptive to manipulation as possible. Often, your massage therapist will urge you to breathe in and out until you've expelled tension from your body. This is a process you can use even when you're not having a massage, helping to train your body on how to decompress.

Lowers High Blood Pressure -- High-blood pressure is known as a silent killer because you don't always experience symptoms, yet your pressure could be sky high. Therapeutic massage is a holistic therapy, which means that it takes your entire body into account. This means that everything is interconnected, so when you decrease cortisol and increase serotonin you are also helping to lower blood pressure, because one of the leading triggers for high blood pressure is stress. Your body chemistry is altered when you experience stress, and your heart beats faster to accommodate the rising levels of cortisol in your bloodstream. Therapeutic massage puts you in a state of well-being that is not only physically beneficial, but also transforms your psychological view.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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