Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

5 Tips To Protect Your Child During Flu Season

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When flu season rolls around, it is important to be extra cautious with your child. Your child's immune system is not that strong yet, so it is more susceptible to illnesses. The flu can have some dangerous complications if it is severe enough. Here are five tips to protect your child during flu season.

Encourage Your Child to Wash His Hands Often

Keeping your child's hands clean is even more important during flu season. Washing your child's hands will get rid of the germs that can get him sick. Encourage your child to wash his hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after he uses the bathroom and before he eats something. 

Feed Your Child a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will keep your child's immune system strong and reduce his risk of catching the flu. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and milk in your child's diet every day. The more nutritious your kid's diet is, the more likely he will stay healthy during flu season.

Teach Your Child to Cough into an Elbow

If your child covers his mouth with his hand when he coughs, he could spread germs around. Those germs could spread to the next thing he touches, including his face. That is why you should teach him to cough into his elbow.

Tell Your Child to Avoid Sharing Cups and Utensils

Sharing cups and utensils with other people can spread the flu and other illnesses. Tell your child to never share a drinking cup or spoon with one of his friends; let him know that sharing cups and utensils can spread germs around.

Encourage Your Child to Exercise

Another way you can protect your child during flu season is to encourage him to exercise. Regular exercise will boost his immune system and reduce his chances of catching an illness. Being active is a little more difficult during the winter months, but it is still possible. For instance, you can buy your child an exercise video and do workouts with him in your living room.

If you follow these tips, your child will be less likely to catch the flu this season. However, if your child does catch the flu, you should keep him away from other people and make sure he drinks plenty of fluids. If his fever lasts longer than three days or he has difficulty breathing, take him to see a doctor, such as at Pediatric Consultants of Mansfield.


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