Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

You Could Be The Next Theresa Caputo: 3 Crystals That Increase Your Psychic Abilities

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Crystals are elements containing energetic properties that have the ability to heighten your spiritual life by correcting unbalanced vibrations in your body. They can help you achieve a higher level of consciousness, which will then help you to better communicate with the spiritual realm. Keep reading to learn more about 3 crystals that can increase your psychic abilities.


What makes amethyst a great choice for helping you increase your psychic abilities is that it has a very high spiritual vibration. It also has a protective quality. These 2 characteristics are a fantastic combination for a person seeking psychic development. Specifically, amethyst encourages deep meditation, which will bring you into higher states of awareness. Amethyst will also help you with focusing, mental control, opening your intuition, and it can help you gain wisdom and spiritual insight. Finally, amethyst will activate your third eye chakra, which is responsible for many aspects of psychic development.

Tiger's Eye

Just like amethyst, tiger's eye stimulates the third eye chakra and also has protective qualities. This crystal brings out integrity, which is a necessity when you are passing on psychic messages to other people. tiger's eye also helps balance and clear emotions, which creates the calm mind and peaceful disposition necessary to receive psychic messages, as well as pass the messages onto others.


Celestite is connected with the angelic realms, and is famous for its ability to calm your energy and sharpen your mind. If you are a beginner who has never done done psychic development work, or you haven't done any in a while, celestite will jump-start your abilities. It will also stimulate clairvoyance. Celestite will teach you to trust and have faith in the divine. It will help you see the big picture and that everything has meaning, which will aid you in developing patience and understanding as you move along your psychic development path.

These 3 popular crystals will definitely help you increase your psychic abilities. You don't need to carry all three of these crystals around with you wherever you go, one crystal will do just fine. Better yet, alternate them until you find which crystal works best for you. You may find that each crystal works best for different areas of physical development. The important thing is that you enjoy the journey, no matter what tools you use. For more information, or if you require a psychic, contact Judy Higdon.


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Health Issues Common In Women

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