Health Issues Common In Women

Health Issues Common In Women

4 Tips For Helping Your Dying Parent

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When your parent is dying, it can be difficult to get through every day. The thought of losing someone so close to you can make you feel very sad. Even though this time is not easy for you, it is still important to be there for your parent and make her as comfortable as possible. Here are four tips for helping your dying parent.

1. Avoid Constantly Talking About Your Parent's Illness

Although talking about your parent's illness might seem natural, it might make her feel worse. Your parent has likely already talked about her illness for hours with her doctors. If you always ask your parent to go into details about her sickness, it may make her feel less normal. When your parent wants to share details about her illness, she will speak up.

2. Do not Do Everything for Your Parent

Helping your parent with every little thing is a nice thing to do, but doing everything may actually make her feel like she has lost control. Allow your parent to be as independent as possible during her terminal illness. She will tell you when she really needs assistance with something.

3. Consider Hospice Care

If your parent's terminal illness is severely affecting her quality of life, you may want to think about hospice care. With hospice care, a team of medical professionals will come to your parent's home and take care of her daily needs. They will monitor her symptoms and help her feel as comfortable as possible. The hospice care workers will also focus on your parent's emotional and spiritual needs. For example, if your parent is scared about death, spiritual counselors can come and talk with her.

4. Listen to Your Parent's Worries and Fears

The dying process can be very scary, so your parent will likely feel anxious and frightened at times. It is important to listen carefully to her when she wants to talk about her worries and fears. Do what you can to comfort your parent. For example, if your parent is worried that she has not done enough with her life, remind her of her accomplishments.

Dealing with a dying parent can be heartbreaking, but you can make the process more comfortable for her. If you follow these helpful tips, you parent will have an easier time coping with everything. If your parent knows that you are there for her, she will feel a lot better.


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